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Happy New Year

So it's the last day of 2016 and as usual this makes us reflective about the work we have done in the last 12 months and the work we are about to embark on in the next 12 to come. This year was so interesting for us as it kicked off with Mary McAleese; the Ex President of Ireland taking up residence at St Mary's University and with that followed many interesting and diverse events around London. Each one of her speeches was different, personal, interesting and immensely inspiring. We also traveled to Vienna this year for the Wolters Kluwer Conference. Vienna was beautiful and romantic and the conference flowed wonderfully well. John Paul Construction offered up some great final constructions and am looking forward to seeing what they will be completing this year. Many PR/Head shots

were taken and in the summer I was proud to photograph my very own assistant's wedding at Asylum in London! Here's to an exciting 2017, but for now take a moment to look at some of the photography we did in 2016 by clicking on the link on our "home" page!

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